Board of Directors

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Jennifer Ford

president/board chair

Dustin Shindo

Dustin Shindo

Vice President/Board Vice Chair

Dustin is an entrepreneur based in Hawaii and the Bay Area, with ventures in software, data, medical devices, material sciences, and renewable technology. He has taken three companies public on the Nasdaq. Dustin is also the first Perfect Game state director for Hawaii where he is working to create a platform to provide more exposure and opportunities for Hawaii ballplayers.

Dustin graduated from the University of Washington, earned his MBA from the University of Virginia, and completed the SEP program at Stanford University. He previously helped form the Calvin Shindo Student Venture Fund at the University of Hawaii and served on the Hawaii board for the Nature Conservancy.

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jerry ford

Board Member

Jerry Ford is the Founder and Commissioner of Perfect Game.  Baseball has always been a part of his life, from growing up and playing in Cedar Rapids, IA, to becoming an expert of the game and building his dream that is a very profitable business today.

After an early stint in the U.S. Army, during which time he met and married his wife Betty, he returned home and began coaching all levels of youth baseball. During all of this he and his wife raised four kids. He had many jobs throughout the years, some baseball related and others as far from baseball as possible, and yet his love for the game kept him coming back. Some jobs included scouting for the Minnesota Twins, coaching at Mount Mercy College, writing a manual on base stealing and improving base running skills, partnering in a roofing business, developing and running a national softball magazine, and co-managing an assisted living/retirement home with his wife.

In the mid-1990s Jerry started Perfect Game. Originally a place for local kids to learn and develop the skills of baseball to equalize the playing field with areas that played their seasons earlier than in Iowa, the company has grown from four original employees into the most successful and widely respected international baseball scouting company it is today. 

Jerry’s success is due to the stubbornness not to quit, his knowledge of baseball and the life-skills of integrity and hard-work that he has maintained throughout his life. All levels recognize Jerry as one of the elites in the game of baseball and he was recognized by USA Today as the 57th most influential person in Major League Baseball directly behind Brian Cashman of the New York Yankees.

Jerry’s focus has always been on the kids that play the game. He decided that the success of Perfect Game allowed great opportunity to use the platform to give back and worked to form The Perfect Game Foundation, Inc. as a 501(c)(3) public charity in 2003.

Flash Gordon

Tom “Flash” Gordon

Board Member